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materials, quality

Materials of our blades    highly alloyed carbon steel; Materials of our handles: hard tropical woods, bone, horn, antler and leather; Materials of our sheathswell: dressed ox-leather, sewn by hand.

The quality of our blades,   their flexibility and hardness, is assured by a series of tests, which show the knives' ability to whithstand any working, hunting or sporting challenge. We have developed three types of blades. One using compact material, one a three-layered blade or one of nine layers. All cores are crafted from number 19, whereas the outer layers, or pile blades, are made of two other kinds, differing in colour and character. The blades must withstand the cutting of building nails, must pierce a 2 mm thick metal sheet, as well as to support a 100 kg weight in its middle. The third type is exposed to one extra test, by using it to cut stone of an average hardness.

How to take care of your knife?   It needs to be regularly sharpened with good quality soft stone and oiled to prevent rust. Your knife carries a life-long guarantee. (That is not for your or your knife's, but the knife-makers life.) The blades are marked with our trademark, the head of a bull terrier. The dog is a symbol of hardness and tenacity. Our knives will surprise and amaze you.

What type of knife is available?   Mister Hofman has developed his own design, but he would also be delighted to work with you on a customised version.Our price range starts at a relatively high level. We welcome our dear customers onto our website, but you are also welcome to come and visit our showroom and workshop gallery.

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